How to Revolutionise the Interior of Your Home

Two suggestions you should keep in mind when redesigning a bathroom

If you're redesigning your bathroom, these suggestions could come in handy.

Get a home water filter to protect your new shower or bathtub screen

If you plan to take down the grubby shower curtain you had hanging by your bathtub or around your shower cubicle and replace it with a new glass shower or bathtub screen, then it is also a good idea to look for home water filters that can be connected to your shower. This is a feature that interior designers frequently recommend that their clients buy when fixing up their bathrooms.

The reason for this is as follows; a glass shower or bathtub screen can have an amazingly positive impact on a bathroom, as its transparency can make even a tiny en-suite seem roomier, whilst its shiny finish can give a bathroom a modern and understated look. However, the transformative effects of this glass screen can be negated if it ends up coated in limescale. If the water supply in your area is 'hard', it will leave behind mineral deposits on your bathroom's glass screen when the water itself evaporates from this surface after you use the shower. This will result in your previously pristine glass screen developing a murky, milky appearance that will be difficult to fix and unsightly to look at.

You can prevent your beautiful new screen from developing this issue, however, if you fit a home water filter onto your shower head, which will extract the minerals that cause this murkiness before the water emerges from this component. These filters are not expensive and using one of them will mean you won't have to spend any time trying to create homemade cleaning concoctions to remove the mineral deposits.

Be cautious about using wallpaper

There is no question that a roll of wallpaper with a beautiful design printed on it can do wonders for the appearance of a dull-looking bathroom. However, interior designers will often tell their clients to exercise caution in regards to using wallpaper in bathrooms, unless the rooms in question consist only of a toilet and basin, instead of a full bathroom suite with a tub or a shower.

The reason for this is as follows; if you hang wallpaper up in a bathroom, you may have to fix or remove it much sooner than you would have liked to. This is because the steam that fills the room every time someone has a bath or takes a shower, and the water droplets that splash onto the walls, may cause the wallpaper to come away from the walls to which has been stuck, which might, create bumps in the wallpaper or even cause it to peel away from the wall. As such, unless you are prepared to redecorate the bathroom quite regularly (or unless you are willing to be extraordinarily careful in regards to keeping the wallpaper dry and the bathroom ventilated), it might be easier to use paint instead.