How to Revolutionise the Interior of Your Home

Why Plantation Shutters Are the Answer to Your Unusual Home Design

If you're getting ready to design and build a custom property, you will want to come up with something that turns heads. You may be working with an architect to introduce certain architectural features and want to create something that is as far from standard as you could possibly get. In this case, you will want to move away from the conventional, especially regarding doors and windows. Still, the more daring you get with window design, the more of a challenge you may face when it comes to associated treatments. How could plantation shutters provide you with the perfect solution to match your creativity?

Being Unpredictable

Most of the cookie-cutter homes of today feature square or rectangular windows that are located in predictable places. This is fine and functional, but you may want to tear the rulebook up and have windows that fit your design philosophy instead.

Designing Your Windows

For example, you may have spacious skylights that flood your entrance hall with natural light. You may have triangular windows as part of a cathedral ceiling approach. Indeed, you may choose circles, arches, slanted windows and other solutions, but in every case, you will need an associated treatment.

Custom-Made for Individuality

Plantation shutters are practical, long-lasting, easy to maintain and look fabulous. Most importantly, they can be custom-made to provide you with a precisely fitting solution to each problem. You simply need to give the appropriate directions to your provider, and they will create a set of individual plantation shutters for each aperture.

Automating Your Shutters

As some of these windows may be far out of reach without resorting to a ladder, you may wonder how you are going to open and close the plantation shutters according to the time of day. Certainly, you want to avoid too much additional effort and, in this case, should pick fully automated shutters. These can be remote-controlled and even preprogrammed to open and close according to a set schedule. Some of these systems use batteries that can be connected to a nearby external solar strip, while others can be hardwired.

Making Your Plans

As you can see, some great options are available no matter how "out there" your intended design is. Work with your interior designer to create your showpiece home, and don't worry about window treatments. Plantation shutters will work perfectly each and every time, regardless of the size or position of the window.

Reach out to a company that sells plantation shutters for more information.