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What Changes Should You See After Installing a Home Water Filter?

A home water filter can remove countless types of contaminants from tap water, from basic minerals to bacteria and viruses, depending on the type of filter. Because so many of the things that a filter removes are invisible, how do you know it's really working? If your water didn't really smell before, and it wasn't a strange colour, would you notice a change? If you installed a filter that removes minerals like calcium, then yes, you'd notice a few changes, mainly because the visible effects of the minerals would be greatly reduced.

Fewer Spots on Glasses

As you wash dishes, you'll notice fewer spots left on glasses that have air-dried. These spots are from the minerals in the water, and while you might still see one or two small ones, your glassware should no longer have an unintentional polka-dot design on it. Shower doors should look cleaner with less effort, and anything that comes in contact with the tap water in your home should show less of that greyish layer that comes from minerals in hard water.

Scale Buildup Should Slow Down Greatly

Along with the reduction in spots, all scale buildup should slow down. If you clean off the scale that you see now, it will either build back up very, very slowly, or not at all, especially if you're good about cleaning those surfaces regularly. Anti-scale whole-home filters trap the minerals that would normally be deposited on surfaces like showerheads, faucets, and pipes. The buildup usually happens because water drips onto or through these fixtures, eventually evaporating and leaving the minerals behind. If the minerals are stripped out of the water beforehand, then there's nothing left to coat surfaces once the water evaporates.

You Should Feel "Cleaner"

One of the effects those minerals has is on your skin and hair. When you wash your hands, wash your hair, bathe, and swim in hard water, you can end up feeling like you couldn't really wash off anything. When the minerals are removed with anti-scale filters, you'll feel like it's easier to wash properly, so you feel cleaner in a way.

Home water filters can be configured to remove different substances. If you're in an area with soft water, for example, you might not need an anti-scale filter, and you might be more concerned about too much chlorine instead. Whichever substances you want to remove, give water filter companies a call and ask about your options.