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Why Are Custom Home Design Shutters Great to Install in Autumn?

One of the best things about motorised shutters designed to function perfectly with all of your home's glazing is that they make the summer such a joy. If you want to show off your brand-new custom window shutters to your friends and family, then the time to do it is in the late spring and early summer when cutting out excessive light and heat will be a big part of hosting a get-together. Therefore, the time to get on and have them fitted is in the autumn and winter months when you are outside less. This way, you'll have them ready to go as soon as the temperatures start to rise again from about mid-October. Why is fitting motorised shutters at home such a good idea?

Light Control

As mentioned, it is in the summer months when motorised shutters come into their own. This is when you want to be able to adjust the amount of light that can come inside with a fine degree of control. Unlike awnings—and other manually operated shade-makers—motorised shutters can be used with a flick of the switch and even automated to raise and lower with the movement of the sun. When you are heading in and out all the time during the summer months, being able to do so without constantly adjusting your blinds, curtains or awnings makes for a much more relaxed living environment.

Lower Air-Conditioning Costs

When you are midway into the hot Australian summer, your air-conditioning running costs will rise. The time to fit your motorised shutters is, therefore, well before you get into this peak usage in the middle of January. If you want to lower your annual utility bills, then residential custom window shutters provide two advantages. Firstly, they'll save you money in the summer by lowering your air-conditioning expenditure. In the winter, too, they will trap more heat inside, helping to keep your home feeling cosy at night when they are dropped down.

Greater Privacy

Because motorised shutters are easy to operate, they are used more often than conventional ones. This means you will make better use of them for greater privacy. Thinking of holding a barbecue and don't want to be overlooked from neighbouring properties? Want to sunbathe or enjoy your pool when the sun starts to get warmer without nosy neighbours peering in? If so, then motorised shutters around your sun deck and patio will do the job very nicely, so why wait to have them fitted for you?