How to Revolutionise the Interior of Your Home

The Easiest Security Measure To Blend Into Your Home's Design

Trying to keep your home or business safe from intruders can be a constant struggle of practical safety measures versus design that may makes your property look like a prison. From metal bars on windows to large CCTV cameras that can make you feel constantly watched, there are many options you can use that most people would prefer not to. However, security screens are an easy alternative that defends the main entrance into your home while also looking like a regular flyscreen door. If you want to start taking your property's security seriously, then you cannot ignore security screens.

Does The Job Of A Much Larger Door

It is easy to scoff at the idea of a screen door keeping anything out of your house; after all, they can look very flimsy at the best of times. The truth is that security screens are strong and durable. The specialised mesh is knife resistant and because it is actually metal, not plastic, and it is welded into the frames and therefore impervious to most blunt force attacks like kicking. A good security screen door can hold out most intruders for far longer than it takes the cops to arrive, but most criminals end up fleeing before that happens once they realise what they have encountered.

Looks Completely Innocuous

Flyscreens are one of the most common exterior attachments on any house and could well be considered part of Australian iconography. Security screens look just like a high-quality flyscreen, which means there is no subconscious worry about feeling trapped or locked in. They also come in many different colours, and if you want to customise the cosmetic appearance of your security screen doors even more, then this is also possible. 

Protect The Main Entrance

Concentrating your security measures in the areas most likely to sustain an intrusion attempt is the best way to get value for your money. Your front and back door are going to be where most burglars or robbers try and gain entrance, simply because of how intuitive it is in human nature to at least try the front door. When they are met with a security screen that they can't pick and that has hinges that are extremely robust, then they may assume your whole house has these same protective measures and they will leave. Most burglars or robbers are looking for an easy score; if you show them that will not be you they, will very likely move on.

For more information, contact a security screen service in your area.