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Two tips for setting up a study area in the bedroom your two children share

If your children share a bedroom and you want to set up a study area in this space for them, you might find these ideas useful.

Get two matching desks

Even if your children share a room, they might not share the same interior design preferences. As such, you might be thinking about letting each of them pick out their own desk. However, if they choose two study desks that look nothing alike, these pieces of furniture might clash. Even if each child loves the individual desk they've picked, they might not love the visual discordance that the two clashing desks create in their room, especially if they are fussy about how their bedroom looks.

This is why it's best to get two plain-coloured, matching desks; these will ensure that the study area in the bedroom does not look like a mismatched mess but instead has a cohesive appearance that is pleasing to the eye. If each child wants to put their stamp on their desk, they can still do so through the use of colourful stationery storage containers, funky desk calendars and small plants.

The other benefit of doing this is that when your children's decor tastes change (as is bound to happen, as they grow up), it won't cost you too much to update their study space to accommodate these changes, as you won't have to purchase new desks for them. Instead, you can just switch out their desk accessories to give their simply designed desks a brand-new look.

Get wall-mounted folding desks

In this situation, you should get a couple of wall-mounted folding desks. The reason for this is that in a bedroom that is shared by two children, space is often limited, due to how much stuff kids tend to have and the fact that most of their belongings (i.e. toys, school items, books, clothes) are all kept in this one room.

By mounting each folding study desk to a wall in the bedroom, you can provide your children with an accessible study area whenever they need it, without adding to the clutter that already exists in their room. Furthermore, if the desks can be folded away when the children are finished studying, there will be less chance of them leaving clutter underneath the desks, which could accumulate to the degree that it spoils you and your children's efforts to make the bedroom look stylish.

Look online or in stores to find study desk options.