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3 Top FAQs Homeowners Have on Security Screen Doors

Security screen doors are becoming increasingly popular in Australian homes. For instance, these screens bring in fresh air into your home without the fear that your kids or pets will creep out without your knowledge. Security screens are also helpful in keeping bugs and thieves away. 

Before you purchase your security screens, you may have a few things that need clarifying. Here are some of the common queries homeowners have on security screens and their answers. 

1. Why Do You Need Security Screens?

You may think that security screen doors are a costly investment and hence ignore them. But the unfortunate truth is that there is a continuous rise in utility prices and home burglaries. So, without additional measures, you are at risk of burglary attacks and may end up paying very high utility bills. That's why you should think of installing a security screen door on your property.

With these screens, you give outsiders the impression that you are well protected and thus keep potential burglars away. Additionally, the screens control the amount of light and air coming into your house, reducing the need to use your indoor lights and HVAC unit all the time. 

2. How Much Will It Cost to Purchase the Screens?

Generally, security screens are affordable. However, each security door has a special price since the doors usually include customised features. Essentially, the cost is determined by your preferred size and features. The material used to make your screen door also greatly impacts how much you pay for it. That's why it is advisable to work with interior design experts to determine the size and features that are most suitable for your home. 

3. Which Material Should You Get For the Screen Door?

The most popular materials for security screen doors are steel, wood, and iron. Though many people choose the material based on the price, there are other factors you have to consider. For instance, if security is your main concern, then steel security screens will offer the best solution at a low cost. 

On the other hand, wood is the ideal material if you want to make your house more attractive. However, you need to confirm that you get screens made of solid wood and not a composite material. Wrought iron is most suitable if you want additional security while allowing more light into your space.

Consider working with security screen door contractors to finish this project. is certainly an invaluable idea. They'll help you choose an ideal door to suit your needs and preferences.