How to Revolutionise the Interior of Your Home

Ideas for Renovating a Kitchen

Having to choose between so many options in colours and textures can be confusing during a kitchen renovation. To help you design a beautiful space in your home, here are several ideas.


One thing you may desire in your kitchen is a feeling of openness and space. Regardless of how big the room is or whether it's open-plan, you can design it to give the illusion of greater proportions. For example, spread pale-coloured surfaces around the kitchen as they're more light-reflective than darker shades, helping to create airiness. Also, avoid strong contrasts created by colour blocking. Instead, cover surfaces with a similar wash of light tones so your eyes can easily wander across the floor, cupboards, counter, splashback and wall without hitting any jarring transitions.

Natural Light

Another way to make the kitchen feel more open is to incorporate as much natural light as possible. If you can't expand the vertical window, you might be able to construct a skylight. These openings can bring in more even lighting that scatters throughout the room. They're often more centrally placed on the ceiling rather than on one side of the room on a wall. Plus, a skylight generally receives direct flight from the sky, and it's not so frequently shaded by trees or nearby buildings as a vertical window is.

Natural Connection

The term biophilic design refers to indoor settings that incorporate a connection to nature. You can do this in several ways in the kitchen. For example, simply having a view of a garden is one way to make the connection. Another approach is to bring natural materials inside, such as slate floor tiles or timber benchtops. As well as covering the floor, natural stone can protect counters and splashbacks. Timber can also overlay the floor or feature as cupboard doors. Organic substances show natural colour variations that manufactured materials find difficult to emulate. Building a connection with nature will help to create a calm, welcoming kitchen.


Natural materials bring texture into the room. Grainy timber and textured stone contrast against uniform painted walls or white laminate, for example. Another way to incorporate texture into your new kitchen is to build in open shelves. Kitchens can feel clinical at times, and open shelves stacked with your favourite crockery and glasses help to create a homey feel. The shelves break up a bare wall and add interesting details. In a traditional kitchen, you could build a mantlepiece with a contoured edge instead.

As well as installing shelves on the wall, you could build them into the side of a kitchen island facing a living area. If you fill them with books or games, you'll help bridge the transition from the kitchen to the living room with your choice of objects.

For more information regarding a kitchen renovation, contact a design service.