How Roller Blinds Can Take Your Interior To The Next Level

When you think of interior design, what first comes to mind? Paint colours, furniture styles and artwork are likely at the forefront of your thoughts. But there's one element that can make all of these things come together in a cohesive way: roller blinds. Roller blinds offer a modern look with sleek lines and can instantly take any space up a notch. Here's why roller blinds should be your go-to window treatment for transforming an interior space.

Why Plantation Shutters Are the Answer to Your Unusual Home Design

If you're getting ready to design and build a custom property, you will want to come up with something that turns heads. You may be working with an architect to introduce certain architectural features and want to create something that is as far from standard as you could possibly get. In this case, you will want to move away from the conventional, especially regarding doors and windows. Still, the more daring you get with window design, the more of a challenge you may face when it comes to associated treatments.

What Changes Should You See After Installing a Home Water Filter?

A home water filter can remove countless types of contaminants from tap water, from basic minerals to bacteria and viruses, depending on the type of filter. Because so many of the things that a filter removes are invisible, how do you know it's really working? If your water didn't really smell before, and it wasn't a strange colour, would you notice a change? If you installed a filter that removes minerals like calcium, then yes, you'd notice a few changes, mainly because the visible effects of the minerals would be greatly reduced.